DNS Hosting

Our DNS servers (nameservers) are located in separate networks. Besides our main location in The Netherlands is our third nameserver located in France. We use PowerDNS software combined with a control-panel and custom scripts.

DNS Records

Our DNS servers support all major record types like A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, SOA, NS, PTR, TXT but also less used types like SRV, NAPTR, HINFO, SPF, SSHFP and RP.

DNS management

You can manage your DNS zones and entries through our control-panel or your own. With your own control-panel makes it also possible for your end-users to manage their own zone. Your server will be setup as a hidden master and our DNS servers are so-called superslaves. Synchronisation of zonefile will happen fully automatically with AXFR transfers.

White-label DNS

Ofcourse it's possible to use your own names for our nameservers to reflect your branding in whois such that ns1.yourdomain.com, ns2.yourdomain.com and ns3.yourdomain.com is shown.

S DNS Hosting

€ 5,00 monthly
  • Domains: 20
  • Templates: 2

M DNS Hosting

€ 25,00 monthly
  • Domains: 100
  • Templates: 10

L DNS Hosting

€ 50,00 monthly
  • Domains: 1000
  • Templates: 100